Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Girls!

I was planning on taking the girls to get Easter pictures but never found the time. So with them all dressed in their Easter dresses I took pictures right outside the church and I think they turned out pretty cute.


After we went to church we were went to Jeremie's parents house for Easter dinner and and an egg hunt. Here are the pictures from the egg hunt.

And don't forget the Easter Bunny came to visit them Saturday night!

The Monday before Easter we had a Family Home Evening on the meaning of Easter. We talked about the sacrifice that the Savior made and what his sacrifice meant for us. At the end Paige asked if she could say her testimony. It was so sweet. This was the first time my 8 year old has ever borne her testimony. I am very proud of her.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Abbie, & Her Fairy Birthday Party!!!

Abbie's party was so fun. It actually started off with Safeway giving my mother in law a different cake then what I had ordered. Luckly they quickly made a new one and my sister in law who hadn't left Turlock yet was able to pick up the right one. Each of her guests got to put on fairy wings and a halo when they arrived. We let the kids play on the swing set and bounce house for most of the party. I thought hot dogs, potato salad and chips would be fun for the kids (and cheap for me), but no, most of the kids just wanted a bun and chips. It was probably a good thing their parents weren't her to see how terrible they ate.  Instead of doing a pinata they got to do an Easter egg hunt. Abbie got some Tinker Bell stuff, a Repunzel Doll thst sings and a bunch of Squinkies ( a new thing the kids are collecting now).

Today is her Birthday and my 6 year old has choosen to go to her favorite Mexican restauraunt for her birthday dinner.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twin Day!

The kids, a few weeks ago,  the girls had twin day at school. We got each of them matching shirts!!! I think it turned out so cute!!!

Paige's Birthday Party!

Not sure what would have been crazier. The Build A Bear party or one at the house. We had the girls meet at the house for hot dogs, cake and presents. Then they all got in my car and we drove to Build A Bear. Hats off to the Party Girls at Build A Bear, the are awesome. After the girls made their bears we took them home. Except two of them who decided to keep the party going a stay the night. All in all it was a blast

                                              Paige had a Barbie cake!

                                                            A few Ballons!

                                                 Her and her friends!

                                          Waiting to stuff their bears!!!

                                          Bear bath time!!!  

                Nana's help Mollie stay out of the older girls way!!!

Abbie did the Hello Kitty, Mollie's got PJ's and Paige did one that
she think she can take to the beach!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Johnathan Mark Chandler- Army Strong!

I just have to say that I am so proud of my little brother. He has always dreamed of being in the military sense he was a kid. I have never seen someone work so hard to achieve this. For over a year now he has dedicated himself to getting into shape to be accepted into the Army. For several months he was told that his BMI was off by one or two percents and then when that was in order he was told that his neck was too small. Finally in July he was able to in list. And now after waiting 6 months he is on his way to Georgia for BT. I know he will serve this country with a faithful heart. I am proud to say that Johnathan Mark Chandler is my brother and a great soldier. I want to say a great thank you to all those who serve our countries military and thank you for the sacrifice that their kids and wives and mothers and fathers and all those who love them dearly make. A thank you to my two brothers in law Joe and Jared, my cousins Jared and Jacob.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paige's BIG Day!

I know it's early but I wanted everyone to know the date so those who want to come can plan in advance and know the day.

Paige turns 8 years old on April 7th and we all know what that means! She will be baptized. She is very excited and already wanting to plan her program. Last Saturday she was able to attend her friend Ana's baptism and was asked to say the opening prayer. Paige's baptism date is set for May 7th, which to Paige can't get here soon enough.

Anyone is welcome to attend. I am not sure what time it will be. Those details will come closers to the date. Consider this your "Save the Date". And for those who are traveling to be here will will feed you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Blog

Welcome to the Todd Family blog. Hopefully this blog I will keep up on, unlike the last one I started and forgot the password and the email address I had at the time is no longer valid. I have so much fun looking at every one's blogs that it is time to jump on board and have one for our little family.